Web positioning for Google

Improve your SEO or web positioning in Google and other search engines and spread your activity better!

At NETSG we manage SEM or pay-per-click or pay-per-click campaigns. The best-known campaigns are Google's Adwords ads. In these advertising campaigns, the client pays a certain amount per visit or click from the search engine in question.

These campaigns allow targeting by keywords and allocate a price that the company is willing to pay per click while defining a daily and monthly investment budget from which each click will be discounted.

When Google users search for one of the keywords you have selected to invest in, your ad will appear next to the search results on the right and / or top of Google. Because of this, you only pay for those visits that search you directly through Google.

These campaigns are recommended for the launch of new websites until a good natural positioning is obtained in the search engine results.

Main advantages of Google Adwords campaigns:
  • AnSe is paid only per click made, that is, you will only pay the actual visits to your website. The budget can also be limited daily, so you always control what you spend.
  • High segmentation by keywords, geographic dimension, hours, languages, etc.
  • Complete monitoring of investment and ROI or return of clicks. All this allows us to know which words are most searched and type of user is more profitable for your company.
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